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ISBN Numbers

Not arranged by any logic except how we found them in my library shelves. Latest tends to be at the bottom.

Title Publisher ISBN
Gate of Ivrel DAW PB 0-88677-257-5
Well of Shiuan DAW PB 0-88677-258-3
Well of Shiuan Methuen PB 0-417-0594-X
Fires of Azeroth DAW PB 0-88677-259-1
Fires of Azeroth Methuen PB 0-417-07440-9
Brothers of Earth DAW PB 0-88677-290-7
Brothers of Earth Mandarin PB 0-7493-0128-7
Hunter of Worlds DAW PB 0-88677-217-6
Hunter of Worlds Mandarin PB 0-7493-0212-7
The Faded Sun Trilogy Methuen PB 0-413-14310-4
The Faded Sun: Kesrith DAW PB 0-88677-449-7
The Faded Sun: Shon'jir DAW PB 0-88677-448-9
The Faded Sun: Kutath DAW PB 0-88677-133-1
Serpent's Reach DAW PB 0-88677-088-2
Serpent's Reach Futura PB 0-7088-8085-1
Hestia DAW PB 0-87997-680-2
Hestia Gollancz PB 0-575-04042-4
Sunfall DAW PB 0-87997-618-7
Sunfall Mandarin PB 0-7493-0365-5
Wave Without a Shore DAW PB-0-87997-957-7
Downbelow Station DAW PB 0-88677-431-4
Downbelow Station Methuen PB 0-413-513106
The Pride of Chanur DAW PB 0-88677-292-3
The Pride of Chanur Mandarin PB 0-7493-0068-X
Merchanter's Luck DAW PB 0-88677-139-0
Merchanter's Luck Methuen PB 0-413-53070-1
Port Eternity DAW PB 0-88677-206-0
Port Eternity Gollancz PB 0-575-04527-2
Ealdwood Gollanz PB 0-575-04574-2
The Dreamstone DAW PB 0-87997-808-2
The Dreamstone Gollancz PB 0-575-04044-0
The Tree of Swords & Jewels DAW PB 0-87997-850-3
Forty Thousand in Gehenna DAW PB 0-87997-952-6
Forty Thousand in Gehenna Methuen PB 0-413-58650-2
Voyager in Night DAW PB 0-88677-107-2
Voyager in Night Methuen PB 0-413-57680-9
Chanur's Venture DAW PB 0-88677-183-8
Chanur's Venture Metheun PB 0-413-59350-9
Cuckoo's Egg DAW PB 0-88677-083-1
Cuckoo's Egg Mandarin PB 0-7493-116-3
The Kif Strik Back DAW PB 0-88677-184-6
Angel with the Sword DAW HC 0-8099-0001-7
Angel with the Sword DAW PB 0-88677-143-9
Angel with the Sword Gollancz PB 0-575-04009-2
Visible Light DAW PB 0-88677-129-3
Visible Light Methuen PB 0-413-16120-X
Chanur's Homecoming DAW PB 0-88677-177-3
Chanur's Homecoming Mandarin PB 0-7493-0041-8
Soul of the City
(w/ L. Abbey & J. Morris)
Ace PB 0-441-7758-1
Kings in Hell Baen PB 0-671-65614-7
Gates of Hell Baen PB 0-671-65592-2
Gates of Hell Baen HC 0-671-65561-2
Merovingen Nights: Festival Moon DAW PB 0-88677-192-7
Merovingen Nights: Fever Season DAW PB 0-88677-2???not avail.
Merovingen Nights: Troubled Waters DAW PB 0-88677-271-0
Merovingen Nights: Smuggler's Gold DAW PB 0-88677-299-0
Merovingen Nights: Divine Right DAW PB 0-88677-380-6
Merovingen Nights: Flood Tide DAW PB 0-88677-452-1
Merovingen Nights: End Game DAW PB 0-88677-481-0
Glass and Amber NESFA HC 0-915368-34X
Exile's Gate DAW PB 0-88677-254-0
Exiles's Gate Mandarin PB 0-7413-0006-X
Legions of Hell Baen PB 0-671-67653-8
Paladin Baen PB 0-671-65417-9
Paladin Mandarin PB 0-7493-0243-7
Chanur's Legacy DAW PB 0-88677-559-0
Chanur's Legacy DAW HC 0-88677-519-1
Hellburner Warner/Questar PB 0-446-36451-7
Hellburner Warner Questar HC 0-446-51617-1
Hellburner NEL HC 0-450-57069-X
Hellburner NEL PB 0-450-57291-9
Heavy Time Warner Questar PB 0-446-36223-9
Heavy Time Warner/Questar HC 0-446-51616-3
Heavy Time NEL TP 0-450-55689-1
Heavy Time NEL HC 0-450-54809-0
Heavy Time NEL PB 0-450-56537-8
Goblin Mirror Ballantine Del Rey PB 0-345-38476-8
Goblin Mirror Ballantine Del Rey HC 0-345-37278-6
Goblin Mirror Legend PB 0-09-925071-3
Rimrunners Warner/Questar PB 0-445-20979-8
Rimrunners Warner/Questar HC 0-445-51514-0
Rimrunners NEL TP 0-450-52668-2
Rimrunners NEL PB 0-450-54981-X
Rusalka Ballantine Del Rey HC 0-345-35953-4
Rusalka Ballantine Del Rey PB 0-345-36934-3
Rusalka Mandarin TP 0-7493-0372-7
Rusalka Metheun HC 0-413-62910-4
Chernevog Ballantine Del Rey HC 0-345-35954-2
Chernevog Ballantine Del Rey PB 0-345-37351-0
Chernevog Mandarin TP 0-7493-0537-1
Chernevog Mandarin PB 0-7493-0952-0
Yvgenie Ballantine Del Rey HC 0-345-36784-7
Yvgenie Ballantine Del Rey PB 0-345-37943-8
Yvgenie Mandarin TP 0-7493-0995-4
Yvgenie Methuen HC 0-413-65970-4
Faery in Shadow Ballantine Del Rey PB 0-345-3729-4
Faery in Shadow Legend TP 0-09-926721-7
Faery in Shadow Legend PB 0-09-925081-0
Foreigner DAW HC 0-8867-590-6
Foreigner DAW PB 0-88677-637-6
Foreigner Legend TP 0-09-944396-0
Foreigner Legend PB 0-09-944401-1
Tripoint Warner/Aspect HC-0-446-51780-1
Tripoint Warner/Aspect PB 0-446-60202-7
Tripoint Hodder Stoughton HC-0-034-63829-X
Tripoint NEL PB 0-034-63830-3
Rider at the Gate Warner/Aspect HC-0-446-51781
Rider at the Gate Warner/Aspect PB-0-446-60345-7
Rider at the Gate Hodder Stoughton HC-0-340-63827-3
Rider at the Gate Hodder Stoughton PB-0-340-63828-1
Cyteen Trade Paper Warner/Aspect TP 0-446-67127-4
Cyteen Trade Paper NEL TP-0-450-50086-1
Fortress in the Eye of Time HarperCollins HC-0-06-109295- 9
Fortress in the Eye of Time HarperCollins PB 006-105-689-8
Fortress in the Eye of Time HarperCollins British PB 0-00-648220-1
Invader I DAW HC-0-8867-638-4
Invader DAW PB 0-8867-687-2
Invader Legend HC 0-09-944411-9
Inheritor DAW HC 0-88677-689-9
Lois and Clark Prima HC 0-7615-0482-6
Fortress of Eagles                              Harper Collins         HC 006105261              
Fortress of Eagles Harper Collins PB  006105710-X
The Dreaming Tree DAW PB  0886777828
Fortress of Owls Harper Collins HC 0061050547
Finity's End Warner PB 0446605603
Finity's End                                        Hodder-Stoughton  HC 0340695773           
Finity's End                                        Hodder-Stoughton  PB 0340695781           
Cloud's Rider                                    Warner                     HC 044651910-3          
Cloud's Rider                                    Warner                     PB 0446?                        
Precursor DAW hc  0886778360
Faded Sun Unified DAW PB 0886778697