Look at Books....


Books. Our books. Books that are now out on the stands.

And....now... there is Closed Circle. That's us!

E-Books: CJ Cherryh, Jane S. Fancher, and Lynn Abbey have formed a publishing house.

We have downloadable e-books, and a few freebies. Don't have a reader? We have software downloads for your pc and Closed-Circle books are in formats for every device we can manage. The full purchase price goes directly to the author in question, and we are very grateful for your support! Read our e-books on your computer, your dedicated reader, your cellphone, PDA or anything else that can handle a file. We have new color covers, added commentary---we are quality! even if we do say so ourselves.

Why are we doing this? It's nearly impossible to get backlist back into print these days, with publishers struggling for survival. The mega-oil-companies that have bought up publishers don't want to print 'old books'. They clearly don't understand that science fiction and fantasy depend on backlist so that new readers can get caught up. So we've gotten rights back for some of our books that are out of print, we are hunting down others, and we're putting those books back in e-print, so you can download a reasonably priced file in formats you can migrate into the Kindle, into a Mobi-based or ePub reader (Closed Circle will link you to conversion utilities).

Understand that we cannot offer downloads for books that are still in issue from publishers, but we also have some new works available that we are producing from the start as e-books. To some that are still in print---we do have the e-rights, and will use them. Closed Circle books have new covers, interior artwork in some instances, and will be re-edited the way we always wanted to do it.  Call it the director's cut---in book form.

And if just out of the goodness of your heart you want to contribute to our existence or to the work that went into producing them, we have a donation box where you can do that, too.

Audio Books

Check www.audible.com.

Buying Physical books

Sometimes Closed Circle has a few spare copies of an edition from one of our regular publishers. These can be signed. We cannot get more: once sold out, they are gone.

We also offer the Gate of Ivrel Graphics, as physical books, which can be signed.

And we offer signed bookplates, for your older collection, should you wish.

Here is a listing of my various universes, which may help you find titles and sort out which comes first.