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Think of these as books on the shelves...Bio, bibliography, and notables among my past novels ,as well as articles, working notes, systematic lists, and other odd things I've created, both in research and in answer to questions.

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ALLIANCE-UNION CHRONOLOGY: Webfriend Tom Dell'Aringa reworked these files into far more elegant form.  These won't give away any books: they're my initial vision of the bridge between space travel as we know it and the foundation of the star-faring civilization, year by year and ship-call by ship-call. I worked this whole thing out on my faithful 48-k Atari, back in those days, using real stars, and real distances, and amazingly, it still works pretty well.

BOOKS, BIOGRAPHY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ARTICLES on language and writing, ISBN NUMBERS for book ordering.....are all here. Keep scrolling.


Winner, Hugo Award, Best Novel, first foundational novel of the Alliance-Union Universe---from DAW Books.


CYTEEN: second foundational novel of the Alliance-Union Universe.
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Winner of the

Hugo Award: Best Novel

FROM :Warner Books 1988

Regenesis: third foundational novel of the Alliance-Union Universe:

From DAW Books, 2011



rd_tri.gif (956 bytes)Finity's End is a ship...a ship so old its sleeve-patch is not a design, but a simple black circle. Among spacers, that's near-royalty. More, they're Mallory's closest allies....desperately needed in the fight against the Mazianni...
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...None of which matters to a young man they left behind in the War years...or to the ship's youth, who've lived time-dilated lives while he lived ashore.

RD_TRI.GIF (956 bytes) Warner Books 1994



Note: two fast-moving reviewers have concluded this is a y/a novel, perhaps because the protagonists are young. The writer doesn't think so. It's a piece of the Alliance-Union universe, and teens, in the case of teens who've lived  40 time-dilated years, are a fairly different piece of work, psychologically speaking. I definitely call that science fiction---not y/a.



CLOSED CIRCLE BOOKS: 3 writers on a mission to preserve 'the good stuff'.

e-books, some of which are reprints of old editions; some are completely revised and at last, after every accident that could befall them---are done the way we always wanted to do them. Some are offered at other sites; some are available ONLY at Closed Circle. We also have a few signed physical books; we have signed bookplates; tee-shirts, coffee cups, and other things may come along. Want to be a patron of the arts? 100% of all proceeds from Closed Circle Books go directly to the author in question. Make us happy. Buy our books.

Examples of things of mine available at Closed Circle...The Writer's Life (the old Progress report), Heavy Time, Hellburner, Faery Moon (rewritten Faery in Shadow), the Rusalka Books, (rewritten), and more in progress, besides new and reprint work from Jane Fancher and Lynn Abbey.


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Alternate format: bibliography including the foreign titles.

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